Unity of Man is a cultural, charitable and spiritual organisation, initiated in 1974 by Sant Kirpal Singh. It is a movement working on an international level, striving to awake the public opinion to an awareness of unity. The basic concept is that Unity already exists, we have only forgotten it.

It is not our intention to enlist members but to spread enthusiasm for the ideal of oneness. The whole humanity is one family and each one is a member of it. Irrespective of caste, colour or creed, man is man first.

Unity of Man does not intend to affect the existing social and religious orders; without preference to any particular religion, Unity of Man respects all religions. Everyone should remain in his own religion but live according to the higher principles given therein.


  • To help man to transcend the narrow confines of racism, religious sectionalism, and nationalism splitting up humanity, and to rise into universality
  • To further religious tolerance and inter-faith communication by pointing out the common spiritual essence of all religions
  • To promote a deeper understanding of the higher values of life and the purpose of human life
  • To point out that man is a conscious entity, endowed with discrimination power and able to take responsibility for his own actions
  • To illustrate man’s spiritual aspect, his possibility for Self- and God realization


  • Free lectures and scriptures
  • Conferences on unity of man, Centres for lectures and regular meetings accessible for all (in India also providing social facilities)
  • All activities are performed on a voluntary basis and the resources are derived exclusively from voluntary contributions


  • Man or soul is a conscious entity, being of the same essence as God. We are all members of His family, and thus related to each other as brothers and sisters in Him.
  • All men are one as souls, born the same way, having the same inner and outer construction and being controlled in the physical body by the same Power, called differently as "God", "Word", "Naam", etc.
  • With all the seeming differences and distinctions of colour, creed, and caste, in his various modes of living and thinking man essentially and basically remains man in outer appearance and inner make-up.
  • The union of soul with God is considered to be the highest aim of man. All religions show ways and means to find God; these ways and means may seem different yet aim at the same target. Hence, there is no need to change from one religion to another.
  • God made man and man made religions to keep the teaching of the sages or competent Masters alive.
  • Absolute God cannot be understood nor described. He is the Highest Power, the Cause of all creation and manifests in the form of Light and Sound. Man has the highest rung in the whole creation and is able to experience these two aspects within himself. An ethical life is the stepping stone for that.
  • Spirituality is not to be confused with seclusion from the world. Everyone has to fulfil his duties and responsibilities wherever he may live. At the same time he should develop all around perfection – not only physically and intellectually, but also spiritually. This spiritual development has been ignored so far, and by emphasising the head, the heart has been neglected.
  • By recognising the good, man becomes able to be good and to do good. The right understanding that we are all one – as man, as soul and in the veneration of God – results in right thoughts, speech and actions.
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